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What is Mamika?

At Mamika.AI, we are developing a suite of tools for the AI of the future. Our focus is Mamika Vision. This cutting edge machine vision system will let the AI of the future see 3D space like we humans do, intuitively understanding objects and their shape and position in space. Thanks to our proprietary sensor technology, we can avoid both the inherent losses that come from using a single camera with no depth perception, as well as the prohibitive performance cost of using stereo cameras.
We are also working on Mamika Voice, a voice assistant that leverages LLMs to provide a much better conversation partner than the traditional Smart Home assistant, while also having the core benefit of being able to keep track of your things for you. This is particularly useful for people that lose things all the time, which is the core reason this company formed. We were tired of losing things, and we noticed we aren't alone in that. Everything else came when we realized the potential of the solution we developed.

This core inventory and tracking functionality of Mamika will also be available as an ApplicationProgrammingInterface accessible by existing voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, making integration even simpler. The goal is to make it as seamless as possible, and to support as many QualityOfLife and smart home functionalities as possible.

Who are we?

We are a small but growing team with a big vision. Mamika has been our dream for years, and our passion project from the very moment we realized it was feasible. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to make it a reality.

Our team is steadily growing, as of now consisting of four people. Our founders are
Gabriele Calvieri and Rodolfo Verde

How does it work?

Thanks to our advanced proprietary sensor, the Spatial Scanner, Mamika leverages the power of Object Tracking and Long-Context LargeLanguageModels to make the lives of you and your coworkers, employees, family, and friends easier. We are working to make this technology efficient and cheap to run, so that anyone around the world can make use of it.

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What's next?

While the current version of Mamika Voice, like the tech demo below, is purely a simple conversational ArtificialIntelligence, we are developing our object recognition and tracking system to integrate it with Mamika Voice. In the meantime, we are also retraining publicly available LLMs to fit our use-case and learn it. Send us a quick email, and we'll let you know when we switch the tech demo to the new system. Don't worry, we won't send you any marketing emails. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer and clarify.

Current tech demo

Currently, the demo available below uses Natural Language Processing, an efficient but inferior technology that can understand and respond to text. Our powerful servers are busy training our AI systems, so we decided to put as simplistic and efficient an example as possible on this website in order to avoid wasting resources. The key difference is the quality of the conversation, as well as the memory capability and perceived "intellect" of the interlocutor, with the real Mamika being a much better conversation partner, as well as a more useful assistant.

The future of Mamika

Once the Mamika Voice language model is integrated with Mamika Vision, she will be able to hear and see the world around you according to your needs, thus helping you understand and keep track of things better, and enabling seamless integration of many different types of systems, enhancing augmented reality solutions, and a whole host of other applications. Of course, as the system is modular, either part can be integrated with existing or future systems, for example using only the Spatial Scanner combined with a different LLM, or with an onboarding application for new employees, or with a robotics platform. The possibilites are endless, and the only constraint will be your creativity.

Try it yourself!

Here are some voice commands you could try. Keep in mind that Mamika understands what you say. You don't need to use any specific command, as long as what you ask makes sense.


You could say "Mamika, find my phone"
or "Mamika, where are my keys?"


This command lets you add new items to a container,
like keys, a phone, a wallet, or anything else.

Try saying "Mamika, add my phone to the desk"


Move your items from one container to another, like "Mamika, move my wallet from the table to the night stand"


Remove items from containers. For example: "Mamika, remove my keys from the table"


Do you want a full list of everything you have? You can say "Mamika, inventory"



Schweinfurt, Germany